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Itezze Electric Car Battery Swap

Swap batteries drastically reduce the cost of electric vehicles, while simultaneously solving the problem of range. ITEZZE Kiosks at service stations provide car owners with complete swap facilities for electric vehicles. Swap batteries also provide extra storage capability for electricity providers, and allow optimum use of off-peak electricity.


ITEZZE cars run a ‘Triple Battery System’ so the vehicle has three batteries; a built-in “Resident” battery which is the primary power source providing a range of 90-100 km / 55-60 miles, a built-in “Regeneration” battery which takes and stores the regenerated power from the motors as the vehicle brakes (or goes downhill) for later use, and the “ITEZZE” swap battery which can be replaced and swapped via ITEZZE Kiosks.

The swap battery does not need to be in the swap battery slot for the car to operate. ITEZZE vehicles can go for months at a time on only the Resident battery; the swap battery is used when going on longer trips. A smaller Resident battery not only reduces on-board weight, but significantly lowers the production cost and selling price of ITEZZE electric cars. A smaller Resident battery size also dramatically reduces the amount of Lithium used in batteries which is a finite and limited resource. ITEZZE means battery types other than Lithium can be used in cars which greatly reduces price and increases flexibility in electric vehicles.

ITEZZE cars start from US$15 000 (AU$23 000 + Taxes). For more information please click the “US$15K Car” button below.


ITEZZE Patented Systems, Software and Chips, will make it possible for, all vehicles, from all manufacturers, to operate under a universal swap battery system.