Oil prices will reach $3-5/litre soon and $7-10/litre in 2027; Find out why

THE ITEZZE AU$23,000 Electric Car

ITEZZE is the one EV system that can transition Transport, mining and farming from oil to electric;

It is a simple system

Instead of selling vehicles with big batteries in them that increase weight and cost

ITEZZE sells the car ‘bare’ without batteries; (See: The $23,000 Car button)

Customers then buy a 2-3 kWh Regeneration Battery (like in taxi’s) cost $2,000 – $3000, to catch the power coming back from Braking or going downhill etc;

Plus, use a 10-30 kWh ‘Resident Battery’ to power their vehicle day to day around town;

People can buy or rent their Resident Battery;

Most people only drive 30km – 70 km / day around town and less than 1% do more than 100 km in a day;

ITEZZE vehicles also have a ‘Swap Slot’ to take an ITEZZE swap battery during long trips;

Small family EVs start from AUS$23,000

Want to Buy or build an ITEZZE Service Station? See Information below and apply to:


One World, One System

Fully integrated end-to-end solution to the world’s transport needs.


An exciting and innovative swap battery system for electric vehicles: cars, vans, buses, tractors and agricultural, commercial and industrial vehicles of all kinds.


A total solution for the electrification of transport globally, with granted patents in key jurisdictions.



IT&ES Industries(OZ) Pty Ltd.