An Energy and Fuelling Solution for the Electrification of Mining Operations

Mine haul trucks can be retro-fitted to operate on electricity. The unique patented ITEZZE PIG system will allow for decarbonisation and electrification of mining operations, while reducing energy costs and maintaining current productivity levels. PIGs (Precision Independently Guided) are mobile robotic swap batteries. Mine truck PIGs have a target swap time of 70 seconds, and (based on current battery technology) 220-tonne payload haul trucks in use have an operational cycle of 45 minutes. PIGs can swap while haul trucks are waiting to be unloaded at processing facilities. PIGs are highly interoperable and can be used on various types of mining equipment.

Mine sites can use the ITEZZE system via either a fixed Swap Station for haul trucks or a roadside Swap Bay, allowing for flexibility to suit all configurations of mines. PIG Recharge Stations can be built up to 30km / 20 miles from the Swap Station/s or, for infrastructure purposes, right next to them depending on the available energy source. Recharge Stations are modular and can be moved as the mine-face moves.

ITEZZE trucks use a Triple Battery Technology with; a built-in “Resident” battery, a built-in “Regeneration” Battery, plus an “ITEZZE” swap battery. ITEZZE has a safety feature design in the case of a faulty battery. Emergency Swap Sites (ESS) are located at 2-3 km intervals along haul routes with a reserve PIG at each ESS to ensure minimal loss of productivity. In the event of a battery fault, the haul truck switches to the Resident battery, drives to the nearest ESS, swaps the PIG, and re-joins the loop in 3 to 5 minutes. ITEZZE chips allow communication to other haul trucks to adjust route accordingly, both to avoid a hazard and to take up production slack.

For more Information see: ITEZZE be Mine Report 

To register your mine for change-over to ITEZZE, please call 1300 483 993 to obtain an MRA Number

ITEZZE simplifies haul truck fleet operation to a refuelling exercise, replacing diesel with electricity.